CuMo Project

CuMo Project is the largest un-mined molybdenum project in the world!

The need for molybdenum is steadily increasing as world demand continues to grow. Nearly every stainless-steel product on the market today combined with the critical need to replace aging infrastructure requires molybdenum, which affirms the CuMo Project’s astounding potential.

ICMC is currently working towards a definitive feasibility study that will continue to show the robust economics and the huge potential for the CuMo Project, not only for the Company, but for the local community and entire State of Idaho.

Work is proceeding at all levels to advance this strategic project forward including: drilling, metallurgy, environmental baseline studies, community relations and site examinations. ICMC’s mandate is to continue developing the project in an environmentally-friendly and sustainable manner with the goals of achieving huge economic benefit for Idaho and a cleaner and better environment than what is currently on site today.

Not only is the CuMo Project the largest un-mined molybdenum project in the world, it is also:

• Economically sustainable – integrating innovative optimizations to develop the project as the lowest-cost and largest producer
• Non-toxic: contains no toxic materials during extraction and production
• Environmentally responsible: resulting in the restoration of large areas of historic mining damage that currently exist in contaminated streams and habitat surrounding the project area
• A critical job creator: delivering badly needed jobs and tax revenue to the local community

The CuMo Project is a clearly a win-win for everyone involved!

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